Comfy coil mattress double/triple fold

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    8 year

Product introduction

1. COMFY pocket spring mattress is a combination of high density elastic foam with separate bagged spring technology. These features work together to provide you with a great sleep experience.

2. Special design supports the multi-zone of the mattress to help distribute properly the body weight, hugging all body curves from head to feet. With this design, each spring is housed in a cloth bag, which means that each spring reacts independently to your body movement, creating a great and balanced support effect. individual areas of the body. RUBY pocket spring mattress helps protect the spinal system smoothly, ensuring you have a good night’s sleep and deep sleep.

3. RUBY pocket spring mattress applies pocket spring technology with a density of 870. The pocket springs work individually in the area where you sleep, allowing you to change many sleeping positions in the most comfortable way, move naturally without disturbing the person next to you.

4. Independent RUBY pocket spring mattress has perfect elasticity, helping to reduce the pressure on the contact areas such as shoulders, hips, back. High density foam pads of 40k / m3 with appropriate soft hardness balance help improve health, do not cause pain, ensure the most effective blood circulation.

5. Convenient 2 or 3 fold capacity suitable for small spaces. You can easily fold it to use as a single-person mattress.

Technical data

Products are packed by a completely self-contained chain. Each product shipped with production date batch number – warehouse entry and warranty card attached