Segovia Latex Mattress

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    15 year

Product introduction

1. QUEEN LATEX SEGOVIA latex mattress is manufactured from 100% natural rubber. With high quality rubber raw materials, completely not mixing artificial rubber, the product has outstanding features compared to other product lines, ensuring safety for the health of consumers.


2. The special design supports the multi-zone of the mattress to help distribute the body weight reasonably evenly, hugging all curves from head to toe, very good for spinal protection. Segovia natural rubber mattress gives you comfort in all positions and great relaxation.


3. The open cell structure of the rubber with connected latex bubble bubbles ensures maximum ventilation, for a more solid mattress.


4. Segovia rubber mattress’s intelligent design with semi-circular dome support system not only provides outstanding ventilation, creating comfort for users, but also maximizes product durability.


5. QUEEN LATEX SEGOVIA natural rubber mattress allows you to change many sleeping positions in the most comfortable way, allowing natural body movements without disturbing the person next to you.


6. QUEEN LATEX SEGOVIA natural rubber mattress also has perfect elasticity, helping to reduce pressure on areas in contact with focal areas such as shoulders, hips, back. With the appropriate soft hardness balance, it improves health, does not cause pain caused by lying in the wrong position or rough surface damage the body, ensuring the most effective blood circulation.


7. QUEEN LATEX SEGOVIA natural rubber mattress also applies antibacterial and fungal technology. This modern technology prevents bacteria from getting inside the mattress, helping to prevent health problems.

Technical data

» Resources:

– Ingredients natural rubber 100%

– The inner core: 1 monolithic mattress 1 large hole face

– Protective shell: Imported Indonesian brocade, quantitative 200g / m2

– Handy zipper for disassembling cleaning

» Source: Queen Latex product lines are manufactured under a closed process from tapping rubber processing to processing and packaging. The main material for rubber mattress production is mostly exploited from Southern rubber farms in Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh … with high stability and quality.

» Perceptible Firm: Firm / Medium Firm