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Product introduction

1. BOLSTER natural rubber hugging pillows with 100% natural rubber ingredients provide great relaxation and comfortable ventilation.


2. BOLSTER natural rubber pillows have effective elasticity, do not fall and keep the pillow surface flat. Pillowcase with easy-to-remove zipper for hygiene.

Technical data

» Resources:

– Ingredients natural rubber 100%

– The inner core: Pillows pour monolithic mold with 02 surface exit holes

– Inner protective jacket: Mesh fabric or soft cotton / elastic

– Outer protective coat: Cotton fabric

– Handy zipper for cleaning and disassembling

» Source: The lines of natural rubber pillows Queen Latex are manufactured under a closed process from latex extraction processing to processing and packaging. The main material for rubber mattress production is mostly exploited from Southern rubber farms in Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh … with high stability and quality.

» Feature: The product has antibacterial, fungal, and insect parasitic properties. BOLSTER natural rubber pillow does not cause allergy skin sensitization, safe for baby’s skin.

» Perceptible hardness: Soft, high elastic

» Density: 80kg/ m3