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    A proud Vietnamese brand

    Van Thanh Mattress prides itself on making its brands and products closer, friendly to consumers, and voted by consumers across the country as high quality Vietnamese goods for many consecutive years.

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    Good night and sweet dreams for your baby!

    The child's body temperature fluctuates erratically, so you should choose a mattress with good hygroscopic ability, well-ventilated to be able to keep moisture in winter and airy in summer. Van Thanh Mattress is a close friend of the baby in early teen years.

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    Experience exquisite sleep

    Sleep takes up 1/3 of your life, so let sleep be subtle by enjoying the softness and comfort from the Van Thanh mattress.

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    Sleep well live well

    Just sleep well, your body will be plentiful source of active energy, happy throughout your day and life. That's why investment in a healthy sleep is an investment in your future!


Exceptional features

With nearly 40 years of establishment and development, Van Thanh mattress increasingly asserted its position in domestic and foreign markets, thanks to its superior quality and uniformity of products. The product Van Thanh Mattress has gradually become familiar in the living space of millions of Vietnamese families because of its superior features towards taking care of sleep and protecting health.

  • Perfect elasticity
    Assists in maintaining the natural curve of the spine.
  • Optimal structure
    Evenly distributes body weight, minimizing pressure on the contact area.
  • Health safety
    Antibacterial and fungi, no harmful chemicals.
  • Outstanding ventilation
    Air convection while sleeping, cooling the contact area.
  • Durable and quality
    High physical strength, no flattening, fire resistance.


Van Thanh mattress has achieved many successes and achieved many international certificates

  • Certificate of mold resistance to UL requirements - UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES USA
  • Certificate of product resistance to bacteria UL - UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES USA
  • Certified carcinogenic formaldehyde-free products from SGS SOURCE
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The strength of Van Thanh Mattress brand is that it provides diversified, specific products that are suitable for many consumer choices.


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