Lacoil pocket coil mattress

15,900,000 VNĐ
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    12 year

Product introduction


LACOIL spring mattress is the most natural mattress worth your experience.

The natural mattress has long been a priority when shopping for many consumers. Some mattress products ensure 100% natural materials that are environmentally friendly, but sometimes still do not bring the absolute comfort of sleep for some customers with high requirements.

Going beyond customers’ expectation, Van Thanh Mattress Company has researched and created this unique QUEEN LACOIL mattress. With all natural materials combined with an independent pocket spring structure, along with a luxurious design, we are confident that this green product will give you a great relaxation experience and make you truly happy. heart about it.

In addition to the pocket spring frame system as the foundation for the support, we also use natural rubber materials with high elasticity, allowing maximum air circulation, not causing hot tunnels; Always warm in winter and dry in summer. Cotton felt and coir mats have the effect of strengthening and regulating body temperature very well and safely.

The special design supports the multi-zone of the mattress to help distribute the body weight properly, hugging all body curves from head to toe. With this design, each spring is housed in a cloth bag, which means that each spring reacts independently to your body movement, creating a great and balanced support effect. individual areas of the body. LACOIL pocket spring mattress helps protect the spinal system smoothly, ensuring you have a long and deep night’s sleep.


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