Phoenix Tricat coil mattress 2 sides fabric

2,650,000 VNĐ
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    6 year

Product introduction

– Spring frame system is processed at high temperature above 240 degrees C, in order to create uniformity of stiffness for the entire mattress structure and increase resistance to flattening during use.

– With textured ingredients selected from safe materials and scientifically arranged, it ensures excellent support for your body and maximum relaxation for you.

– QUEEN COIL PHOENIX high-quality spring mattress helps to properly support and distribute body weight, take good care of your back and spine system.

– Delicate motifs are woven intricately, increasing the splendor and attractive beauty for the bedroom space.

– With excellent insulation made of natural coir for comfort and better air circulation. The air buttons are arranged around the two sides of the mattress to act as a two-way valve to help the air inside the mattress be airy.


Technical data

Products are packed by a completely self-contained chain. Each product shipped with production date batch number – warehouse entry and warranty card attached.